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FAQs: Schedule


If your question is not answered in this website our strata managers (LINK Strata Management) will be able to point you in the right direction. They can be contacted on 02 6260 3722 or by email at Their office hours are Monday — Friday: 09:00 — 17:00 (closed Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays).


When you first become an owner at CLE you should receive from the Strata Managers a “Roll Details Confirmation”. This form is designed to ensure that they can contact you (or your representative) and provide you with correspondence regarding your unit. If you have not received this form, or your details require updating, please contact LINK Strata Management.


The CLE has developed a set of House Rules to help preserve our special enclave. The Rules, which have been created to reflect the majority view of owners, need to be followed and adhered to. Links Strata Managers will take appropriate action should there be breaches. The CLE’s House Rules can be found later in this website. Schedule 4 of the Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011 also sets out some default rules that are relevant to residents in the CLE. A guide — Unit Titles Management: What you need to know — which has been assembled by the ACT Government also provides some useful reference material.


Residents should be aware of the amount of noise they produce as it can flow through to other townhouses, particularly from courtyards. There are CANBERRA LAKE ESTATE 5 rules in place governing noise but in general residents should not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other residents at any time. If you are going to have a party let your neighbours know and limit noise to within ACT Government guidelines. In general no noise after 10pm weeknights and 12pm Friday/Saturday, however, excessive noise at any time may be in breach of the CLE’s rules.


The CLE is a pet friendly complex. To ensure all residents and pets live in harmony there are some rules regarding your pet that need to be followed. All pets at the building must be approved by the Executive Committee. By seeking approval you agree to certain conditions, the main ones being: - Pets must not disturb other residents with ongoing noise. - If your pet goes to the toilet or creates any other mess on common property including the lawns, please pick it up and dispose of it thoughtfully. - Pets must be on a lead when on the common areas in CLE including grass areas and garden corridors.


Please report maintenance items relating to common property to the Strata Managers via the details set out in the Management Information section. The Strata Managers will log your request and arrange its repair as soon as practicable.


Household garbage bins are collected on a weekly basis early Thursday morning. The recycling bins are also collected early Thursday morning on an alternate two-week basis. Garbage bins should be stored within the property boundary until the morning of the collection and removed as soon as practicable after collection.


Residents wanting to renovate their townhouse should first seek approval of the Executive Committee via the Strata Managers. It is important that residents obtain approval for renovations as their renovation can affect other lot owners due to not only faulty workmanship, but also by disturbing other residents due to the mess and noise created during the renovation. Conditions are imposed on renovations to minimise disruption to residents and to ensure the work is carried out in a professional manner.

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